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Chip Rogers UX Portfolio

UX Case Studies

Avvo ReadyConnect pilot

I designed, built and shipped a new product pilot that helped qualify and match consumers with engaged attorneys, satisfying both sides of the legal marketplace. Learn more

Avvo Profile redesign

I helped to refine, test, finalize and deploy a redesign of a core Avvo page that led to significant conversion wins at a critical time for the company. Learn more

Avvo Journey mapping

I led an initiative to produce a definitive Journey Map of internal users of Avvo's data to improve efficiency and make better decisions from data. Learn more

Amazon Echo: Visual UX

I defined and designed a visual UX experience for the Amazon Echo to communicate state and status, assuage privacy concerns, and delight and engage customers of this unique product. Learn more

Expedia+ Rewards microsite

I led my UX team in a redesign of Expedia's loyalty product that focuses on customer needs and a simplified presentation that brought Expedia an increase in new member acquisitions and customer engagement. Learn more

UX Work History & Samples

Avvo UX

Avvo has the mission of making getting the right legal help easier, and bring the disruptive power of technology to the world of law.

I jumped at the chance to bring my design skills, experience, and leadership to bear at this started-up company that is focused on transforming their industry and on customer satisfaction. I work fast with a cross functional team to help drive initiatives, optimize our product offerings with A/B testing, and conceptualize rich applications for connecting attorneys and consumers.

  • Iterative concept testing
  • A/B testing coding and analysis
  • UX and Product strategy
  • Cross discipline agile leadership
  • Responsive prototypes for research
  • User interface design

Expedia Global Product UX

Expedia is a market leader in the world of online travel, and continues to grow and find success through an emphasis on technology and customer experience.

With an eye on growing my skillset, I took a Lead UX Designer role at Expedia. As a player/coach, I oversaw a pod of talented content strategists, visual designers, and interaction designers in bringing to life compelling experiences to drive brand loyalty and repeat business.

  • Agile design process
  • Strategy and prioritization
  • Multi-locale, multi-brand and multi-platform UX solutions
  • Responsive prototypes
  • Visual and interface design
  • A/B testing

Amazon Echo

Amazon is eager and committed to forge new customer opportunities through technological innovation. The Amazon Echo is perhaps their best example of this.

I sought an opportunity within Amazon's digital products group and found myself at the inception of the Echo. For 18 months I wore many hats and had a hand in nearly every aspect of the groundbreaking voice driven product's UX.

  • Interactive device simulation prototypes
  • Device UX design (LEDs, button, knobs, unboxing)
  • Companion mobile app interaction design
  • Interaction specifications
  • Executive presentations
  • Guerilla usability research

Amazon Global Navigation Redesign

Amazon.com faced a UX and brand challenge--the website needed to better showcase our expansion into hardware and digital offerings. High-growth categories and services, like Clothing and Amazon Prime, also necessitated attention and promotion.

I was chosen to work in tight collaboration with a complementary design peer to articulate and execute the next generation of navigation for Amazon.

  • Sketching
  • Creative conceptualization
  • Specifications
  • Visual design
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Usability studies
  • Executive presentations

Entity Pages

Amazon's immense product selection created a problem for our SEO--we had pages for each and every item we sell but didn't have a centralized destination for the entities that produced them.

I set to work with a new team of developers and product managers to produce a new page for each and every author, musical artist, TV series, automobile, and apparel brand.

  • Wireframes
  • Creative conceptualization
  • Specifications
  • Visual design
  • Interactive prototypes

Harry Potter Book 7

The final Harry Potter book was on the horizon and Amazon had ambitious goals around improving their market share as well as raising the bar for customer engagement and delight.

As a fan of the Harry Potter series, I was asked to excute this high-profile worldwide initiative and ensure a first-class customer experience from announcement day to delivery day.

  • Creative conceptualization
  • Specifications
  • Visual design
  • Packaging design


In the Fall of 2006, a talented group of friends and former colleagues of mine sought my help in giving their Y-Combinator based music startup a design edge.

They required a strong brand identity to resonate with their young, urban audience and an easy-to-use interface that introduced music remixing to fans and creative amateurs alike.

  • User interface design
  • Identity design
  • Visual design

Additional Visual & Interaction Design

The designer in me started young as I cut my teeth drawing pixel art, logos, for making posters for whatever I was involved with at the time.

My curious and exploratory nature led me to learn Flash and JavaScript/JQuery allowing me to communicate interactions and develop proof-of-concept mockups.

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